Personal Wine Tasting Tours, into the Heart of the Wine World

Have you ever wanted to experience the real wine producing process, see your favourite cantina in action, or see how your favourite wine is made?

Unique Wine Safaris have arranged exclusive access to some of the most beautiful wineries that we import from into the UK. We have twisted the cantina owners arms and they have agreed to let us have behind the scenes access to their wine estates, wineries and production processes.

Join us on one of our fantastic unique wine experiences and see for yourself the terroir, the wineries and the winemakers of some of the worlds best wines. Relax in beautiful rustic hotels in-between tours and allow yourselves to be spoilt. We offer cookery courses, places of interest visits, wine tasting events, delicious local cuisine and much more.

Our Tours sell out very quickly and are only reserved for small groups of seven people, which allows us to keep the events personal, educational, interesting and, importantly, allowing us to cater for individual tastes and requirements, offering you a truly unique experience

Abruzzo Wine Tour