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Spyware and Inappropriate Affiliates

Our Unique Wine Safaris affiliate program follows and encourages ethical marketing and partnerships.
We will never knowingly partner with any contextual or predatory advertising company that may intrude, obstruct, deceive, or have questionable practices. 
Unique Wine Safaris understands that by supporting these forms of aggressive advertising,  we may threaten the livelihood of our hard working and honest affiliates.
Our Policy on Spyware:
If an affiliates conduct is deemed by us to be misleading to either the visitors to merchant sites, or to merchants themselves, we will take appropriate action to ensure they either remedy their practices, or are removed from the network.
If you are new to the affiliate game and would like to learn from experienced and like-minded professional affiliates, why not try the PerformanceIN Affiliate Forum? This forum discusses many issues concerning affiliates such as: Which programmes work well, search engine optimisation, spyware and much more.
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