Abruzzo, Le Nostre Radici and More – DAY 2

Abruzzo, Le Nostre Radici and More – DAY 2

Day 2

Our Abruzzo Wine Tour began after a hearty breakfast, when we set off in our luxury minibus to the Historical Cantina Bosco, a winery first registered in Abruzzo in 1897.

Storiche Cantina Bosco dal 1897

The full story of the winery is incredible and all is revealed when you visit the ancient cellars underneath the winery by our lovely hosts Giovanna Colecchia and Stefania Bosco

malaysian wine tour in abruzzo
Relaxing and posing in the historic ‘Bosco’ cellars

The Bosco Nestore Winery is amongst the oldest wineries in Abruzzo. Originally founded in 1897 in the nearby town of Pescara, it is now located in Nocciano, between the Gran Sasso and Majella mountains, a move made after the town expanded rapidly and left no room for a growing winery.

Giovanna Colecchia and Stefania Bosco offer an astonishing tour through the winery’s history in Abruzzo during the tour of the underground tunnels, where hundreds of thousands of bottles are stored for aging along with their own ‘museum of viticulture’. A superb tasting of their great wines followed the tour, along with some welcomed local cold meats and cheeses.

Part of the Historic Cantina Bosco cellars

Le Nostre Radici

The next leg is a fabulous surprise for all when a visit from the ‘Club 500 Story’ from Pescara ferried us all to The Flower Restaurant, Le Nostre Radici in Nocciano, for food all made from local flowers and herbs grown on or near the farm.

Club 500 Story, Pescara

Rosella and family did us all proud, the food was fantastic and the journey there all made better by some nostalgic history provided the gorgeous Fiat 500’s, a small piece of Italian love and passion, loving restored by dedicated enthusiasts from all over the region. There are tails of one of the members owning three Fiat 500’s, but these have Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari engines in them! Look on YouTube for this crazy club member!

Le Nostre Radici
A warm welcome awaits you at Le Nostre Radici

Le Nostre Radici is located in a suggestive hilly landscape, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.
This little corner of paradise will welcome you allowing you to admire the beauty of the cultivated fields and of the natural and uncontaminated spaces, among the scents of the aromatic garden and the silence of nature.
You will appreciate genuine dishes prepared with wild vegetables, aromatic herbs, organic vegetables, edible flowers, fresh eggs and freshly picked fruit.
A gastronomic delight to be enjoyed and savoured!

Our Unique Wine Safaris are very personal and geared towards the best experience possible and ‘Living Like an Italian’ for the duration of your stay with us.
Great local fresh food, high quality accommodation, friendly knowledgeable local guides and some of the best wines we have personally sourced, all of which are available from us, once back in your home country!

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We look forward to welcoming you on our next Abruzzo adventure

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