Abruzzo; Best Place to Live! (Forbes, USA)

Abruzzo; The cheapest place to live in 2018!

We have known all about Abruzzo and its secrets for many years; We love it and so do our wine safari guests.
However, now it seems that the secret is out and the popular magazine Forbes in the United States has released an article of where to ‘Quit your job and move abroad’ and Abruzzo is one of those very recommendations!

The full article can be read here – ‘Quit Your Job And Move Abroad: The Cheapest Places To Live In 2018’

The important part for us is reproduced here, courtesy of Forbes

6. Abruzzo, Italy 

With its pretty Adriatic coastline lined with beachside cafés, mountains for skiing and rolling vineyards, Abruzzo is a slice of heaven — and it’s Italy’s best-kept secret. It’s also the richest region in this part of Italy, according to Peddicord, and it’s a place where “small, historic towns are working hard to attract investment to save their historically significant but nearly deserted streets.”

Nowhere is this more true than in Città Sant’Angelo, which has historic churches, a contemporary art museum and — this will make you feel right at home — an outdoor outlet mall that feels like something out of Southern California.

“Abruzzo has everything Tuscany offers and more — at a fraction the cost,” says Peddicord. A couple could live here comfortably on $1,400 per month or less, including rent.

Abruzzo Wine Tour
View of the Gran Sasso from one of our wineries

Our Unique Wine Safaris are specially geared towards showing you the ‘real Abruzzo’ from the eye of its inhabitants who have years of passion, pride and history behind them.

Why not join us and find out for yourself what everyone is talking about, from the people who live and breathe it?

Book your next holiday here and be treated to the delights this region of Italy has to offer.

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