Meet The Winemaker from San Giovanni

Meet the Winemaker from San Giovanni

Meet the Winemaker from one of our Sicilian Estates ‘San Giovanni’, a private, family run, fine wine estate, in Sicily’s Palermo region.La Rusta

The event will be at ‘La Rusta’ Italian bistro in Crawley on November 24th at 8:00pm
Tickets are extremely limited due to the size of the venue and our wish to keep the event personal and intimate.

Daniela and Leonardo, the winemakers, will be on hand to answer any questions about their winery in Partinico, Palermo and offer food and wine matches, aswell as run through their great wines at a ‘not to be missed’ event and a chance for you to find out what makes these wines truly different.

From the Countryside to our Table – The Life of a Young Entrepreneur

Azienda Agricola San Giovanni began growing grapes in 1917, becoming a family-run business, passed on, from generation to generation.

In 2002, the young agriculture technician Leonardo Ortoleva decided to take a step ahead and transform the family’s farmland into a real agricultural holding.
His choice emerges from the request of having a high quality products on the market, although accessible to all budgets and environmentally friendly.
In this way, the young entrepreneur made an effort to offer the delicacies nature has to offer at an excellent price to quality ratio.

The farmland is about 25 hectares situated between Partinico and Monreale in the Province of Palermo, an area geographically indicated for the cultivation of typical Sicilian varietals such as Catarratto, Grillo, Nero D’Avola and Merlot for its soil consistency, being in part calcareous and rich in humus.

The vineyards are cultivated with particular attention to the use of plant health treatments which are reduced to a minimum in order to exalt the Sicilian quality with its aromas and colours, making a difference in quality to share Sicilian delicacies from the countryside to our table.

The grapes are hand-harvested in small crates in order to keep its integrity and authenticity. The traditional method of pruning and vinification makes a unique artisan wine exalting its organoleptic properties.

The choice of bottling emerges from the necessity of the market to have an eco-compatible sustainability although guaranteeing a high quality wine.

In 2013, Azienda Agricola San Giovanni began its bottling activity, offering different packaging solutions, from a refined glass bottle to a more practical and genuine PET bottle to the bag-in-box. Improving year by year, the holding are introducing other packaging solutions such as biodegradable pouches and aluminium cans.

Details of their fantastic wines can be found here – Azienda Agricola San Giovanni

They are flying in personally for our special Sicilian ‘Meet the Winemaker’ event, so be sure to BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment!

Meet the Winemaker from San Giovanni

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