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A Guest Blog Post from a Happy Client in Abruzzo

The Region Of Abruzzo

Many people are familiar with the term ‘ice-cream shaped space’ which means that no matter how much you think you have eaten, there is always room for ice-cream!Unique Wine Safaris

Well, on the travel front, Abruzzo has the same effect!

No matter how well travelled you are, until you go to Italy, you will be unaware that inside us is an Italy shaped space, just waiting to be filled.

There is no better way to find it than by going on an Wine Safari with ‘Unique Wine Safaris’ and from my recent, albeit limited experience of Italy on one, there is no better way to start than in the Abruzzo region.

It probably helped that our whole trip coincided with five days of the most fantastic weather, with not a cloud to be seen, until we got back to Fiumicino airport for the flight home, and never a breath of wind.

The Local Delights, Restaurants and Our Hotel 

It was a pleasure to be on a trip where everything was so well organised and the days, although full, proceeded without haste nor hassle.Unique Wine Safaris

All ones energy could therefore be devoted to the serious business of wine tasting, sampling the delights of the local cuisine with all it had to offer, which included some meals at some exceptional restaurants and absorbing the fantastic scenery that surrounded us constantly.

The accommodation was comfortable and, because of the rural setting, very quiet. The surrounding country was very pleasant and it was lovely to be able to spend time on the balcony next to our rooms, quietly soaking up the atmosphere. (Also watching the full moon rise on a couple of evenings while we were there)

Breakfast was abundant with a wide range of delectable items to choose from, all home baked and prepared.

Because of the glorious weather, we were able to have it ‘al fresco’ too. Other meals, whether back at our Agriturismo ‘La Rustica’ or elsewhere, ranged from ‘memorable’ to ‘absolutely fantastic’!

The Wine Tour.

Obviously the ‘business’ of the tour was the visits to the wineries and the wine tasting. It was a privilege to be able to visit the varied and various wineries, to meet the winemakers, see and hear how they went about making their wines, appreciating their passion for their livelihood, not forgetting of course, the sampling of the fruits of their labours, so lovingly and skillfully crafted.

Most tastings were accompanied by samples of local produce, much of it simple, but all of the best quality and this combination made for many memorable experiences.

Experiencing Abruzzo

There was so much else to enjoy on the trip; meeting, sharing experiences and learning from the other members of our small and friendly group.

Gran Sasso, Abruzzo

Whilst travelling, there was always the fantastic scenery to admire.

Also, Leonardo, the local guide of ours, was always on hand and willing to impart his knowledge and enthusiasm of the region.

There was so much of interest to see and learn and he was excellent at pointing it all out.

The Abruzzese People

The local people of Abruzzo are immensely proud (with very good reason) of their area and readily point out that Abruzzo is the ‘Green Heart of Europe’.

It is also possible to ski in the local mountains in the morning (except in the height of summer!) yet, within 40 minutes, you can be at the coast enjoying lunch on the beach!


The Abruzzo trip with ‘Unique Wine Safaris’ is a wonderful way to be introduced to a fascinating region of Italy, with abundant opportunity to taste excellent wines and sample fantastic food, all in the most enjoyable of surroundings and company.

It all comes fairly close to being in paradise, for the ‘all to short’ duration of the trip.

Given the right weather (and in some cases not!) which we were blessed with, it is an unforgettable experience.

In Conclusion, only one thing needs to be said –


From – Dr Stuart Barnes, Hastings, Kent, UK

Dr Barnes was an attendee on one of our exclusive trips to the Abruzzo region of Italy in 2016 and this is a genuine copy of his experience, written in his own words.
He wanted to let us know how his wine tour with ‘Unique Wine Safaris’ was for him and to share his experience with others and his gratitude for such a great experience.

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  1. I could not locate John’s email, but simply a line or two to express our thanks for a wonderful trip to Abruzzo, which exceeded all expectations. Leonardo was a wonderful co-host.

    To have access to some of the estates and the special VIP service was a real treat. All thoroughly enjoyed.

    It was a great experience and one we shall repeat again soon.

    Please pass on to John

  2. John and Leonardo
    Again, thanks for all your consideration and dedication on making our holiday such a great success.

    We really enjoyed ourselves and the growers and individuals we met were fantastic, really true to their products and totally dedicated. What a great privilege for us.

    Keep us on your mailing list and any other Abruzzo adventures you are planning, we could turn up again

    Take care and good luck in your future ventures, hope to see you again soon.

    Kind Regards
    Helen and Gareth

  3. Just a short note to thank you for organising such a memorable wine safari!

    We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the wine, the food and meeting the growers who were obviously very passionate about their wine!

    Learning to make pasta with Mamma was an experience never to be forgotten and now we have no excuses not to make our own!

    We will also be very picky when we when we purchase wine after our wine tasting lessons!

    We will definitely recommend Unique Wine Safaris to all our friends

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